SDK4 In-App Flows

Mobile Arts SAL (offshore) is pleased to announce the release of SDK4 with Pin, SMS and more complex flows. 

After Google's recent update to their User Data and Permissions policies, they have restricted access for SMS and Call Log permissions. 

As an alternative to SMS READ/RECEIVE permissions, we will depend on SMS Retriever API and HashKey.
As for SMS SEND/WRITE permissions, we will use SMS Intent (from default composer) to initiate SMS text messages.

The flow diversity for IN-APP, will introduce an efficient user acquisition to complete the subscription in easy steps.

1.     PIN FLOW with Hash Key

                      I.      PIN Flow with native app Watch Demo Video

            II.     PIN Flow with portal converted to app  Watch Demo Video

2.     SMS FLOW

                      I.        SMS Flow - without phone number entry:  Watch Demo Video

                     II.        SMS Flow - with phone number entry: Watch Demo Video

              3.   Single SMS Confirmation Flow

                                              User can subscribe to an application by entering his phone number and receiving a message                                                with a sub keyword. Then replying to the message with a confirmation SMS by clicking a                                                        button within the appWatch Demo Video